1. You get to travel overseas

Not many people get the privilege of travelling overseas, but on Brett Maher Basketball Tours you will get to experience a well constructed tour abroad at a great price!


2. Make lifelong friends

You will have the opportunity to travel with a team/group that will have a very memorable experience together where friendships can be made and strengthened. Also by playing at tournaments and/or at schools/colleges you will get to mix with players and teams from across USA and develop potentially lifelong International friendships. (I still write to a family from Oregon after a tour I went on 28 years ago!)


3. See what it’s like to go to high School/Junior College or College in America

On some of our tours you may get the opportunity to spend time ‘on campus’ and see what school/college life is like in the States. Possibly even go to classes and eat at the school cafeteria.


4. Play against teams from America

This is the highlight from most of our tours, getting the opportunity to play against similarly skilled teams from across America in tournaments and one off games and see if you can match it with talent from the USA.


5. College and/or NBA games

The best way to learn is from watching the best. Pending the time of your tour you will get to see some of the best college players participating in NCAA games. These are some of the best young players from across America and Internationally. Also see the World’s best players battling it out in the NBA. Seen it on television, we’ll go one better and you can watch it live and lap up the atmosphere and who knows maybe even meet a player?


6. Theme Parks
America is renowned for having the best theme parks in the world. Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Six Flags Magic Mountain to name just a few. Here you will have fun at extreme levels with rides and experiences you can only get in the USA.


7. Shopping
Go to shopping outlets and get great deals on some of the new trends and releases before we even get to see it here in Australia.


 8. See the sights
America has some great sights and tourist destinations that will get your camera clicking from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Statue of Liberty, these will be great memories that you will never forget.


9. Possibly pick up a College scholarship
By playing in tournaments and one off games there will definitely be scouts from across America floating around. After the successes of Andrew Bogut, Patty Mills and Matthew Delavadova College scouts are on the hunt for the ‘Next Big Thing’ out of Australia. Maybe it’s you??


10. Personal Development

Traveling for 2 to 3 weeks or as part of a “Team” with a fast schedule of 10-12 games in the oppositions home court does wonders to assist your personal development and ability to work together with your teammates in a hostile environment, A truly life changing experience.